Megan and Nick’s San Diego wedding at the beach was absolutely perfect. Like many couples in the thick of the pandemic, having a big beautiful wedding was not in the cards. But after a family member suggested a small outdoor wedding, the rest was history.

The hunt for the perfect San Diego wedding venue wasn’t as hard as some might think. The couple preferred ocean views, and in the light of all the concessions they previously made, the venue location was not one of them. However, if the ocean isn’t essential, consider looking at this article that discusses more places that San Diego has to offer.

La Jolla Beach wedding venue

Both the Bride and Groom are engineers, so having free time to plan their wedding wasn’t a possibility. We focused our efforts on the coast, and when we arrived at the “jewel of San Diego” as it is often called, their interest was piqued.

La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla is inspiring. The sun-drenched rosy walls and Mediterranean-style architecture transport her guests to a refined European vacation destination. La Valencia doesn’t feel like a venue down the street; it feels like an escape. Unaware of Covid’s duration and when travel restrictions would lessen, the couple thought it best to make the most of their situation and plan a micro wedding at home.

bride and groom kissing at La Jolla beach

Color Palette

It’s hard to not be inspired by a hotel that covers itself in a demure coloring of pink. There’s something about it that exudes refinement. And when we say pink, it’s not the stereotypical pink of our childhood, the saturated bubble gum color. It’s a sophisticated color that both men and women can don whenever and wherever they want. In fact, pink was very much a men’s color before the 18th century. It wasn’t until the 20th century that we actually see the marketing of pink specifically for girls and blue to boys. I digress.

Not Your Typical Beach Wedding

To complement the blush hotel walls we selected mauve, taupe, and buttermilk. However, the unexpected burst of burnt orange is really what makes this palette sing. Photographed by Carmen Santorelli, the palette was a perfect match for her artistic style.

“We received endless compliments on the beautiful flowers and colors.”

the Bride
wedding reception centerpieces at La Valencia Hotel

Personalizing Your San Diego Wedding at the Beach

As a planner, I always try to infuse a bit of the couple into their celebration. It’s easy to share pictures of the couple in various stages of their relationship, but this wedding needed something else. First of all, we added a picture of the bride’s cat, Dutchess to the welcome table. The kitty was older and had been with the couple before they were officially together, so it was sweet to see how animals can make any relationship more personal.

Gratitude can go a Long Way

Second, we added a thank you note for each guest. In light of the world events surrounding the celebration, letting each guest know how special it was to have them present was immensely important. Couples tend to think that they need to give their guests a favor at their wedding to remember the day. In reality, tokens of affection like a thank you note usually mean a lot more than a soon-to-be misplaced plastic pair of shades for a sunny San Diego beach wedding.


Since the wedding was intimate, we wanted to make sure that each guest mingled with those that they didn’t know. The wedding day was the first time both the Bride and Groom’s parents met, so it was crucial that everybody felt comfortable. Open seating for micro weddings can be really tough to navigate because guests tend to sit with others they already know. Opting for place cards at each seat was the perfect way to get new family members to meet each other.

From the Bride and Groom

Where do I even begin? I was not one to have a vision for my wedding and then when the pandemic hit, I had even less of an idea of how to downsize. Attempting to research how to do a micro-wedding led me to Kim. I was immediately drawn to her style and all of the posts she had specifically about small weddings. Having Kim as our wedding planner and florist was the best decision we ever made. She took what few thoughts I had and turned them into something I could have never imagined. Not only did she create a flawless day for us, but she was great throughout the whole process. She was responsive and always provided suggestions or her opinion when I was feeling indecisive. Kim included us in the big decisions, but for the smaller details, Kim basically had free reign on designing and coordinating our wedding and I was never once concerned with how it would turn out. And the florals! The florals were gorgeous. We got endless compliments on the beautiful flowers and colors. Between the bridesmaid dress, the venue color, and just the surrounding area – Kim blended everything together perfectly through the bouquets. We are so happy and grateful for all that Kim did for us. We truly could not have had a more perfect day.

Wedding cake by Michele Coulon Dessertier
Wedding Cake from Michele Coulon Dessertier
Fall wedding bouquet from Sisti & Co.


A San Diego Wedding at the Beach | La Valencia Hotel

August 2, 2021

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