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wheat, Auxo (Αυξω) was the personification of the summer season. Responsible for maturing fruit and grain for the autumn harvest, she is synonymous with hot summer temperatures, and the final long days before autumn.
The Horai (Horae) were the goddesses of the three seasons (spring, summer, and autumn) in greek mythology. They presided over the changing constellations, whereas their three sisters the Moirae (the Fates in Roman myth) spun each human’s fate. The elopement of Shae and Ryan took place outside on a beautiful summer day. The ceremony urns were filled with fresh wheat and hops in honor of the late summer harvests. The couple was showered with olive leaves after exchanging their vows, and took pictures along the hill dotted countryside of the southern California landscape.
In honor of their day they offered each guest a small bottle of local olive oil, harvested from the previous year. The Bride and Groom were all smiles while enjoying the company of their close family. As the stars rose in the sky, the couple joined for their first dance as husband and wife. 
Natural as the changing seasons, Shae and Ryan’s day was all about their love, and most importantly the coming together of their families.

Design and Styling, Coordination & Florals: Kimberly Sisti/SISTI&CO // Photography: CARMEN SANTORELLI // Paper Goods: BIJOU CREATIVE // Venue: CORDIANO WINERY // Gown: ENZOANI // Hair: STYLED BY STEFANIE WIRKUS // Makeup: TAYLOR HAUPT MAKEUP // Cake: Kimberly Sisti/SISTI&CO // Linens: LA TAVOLA // Rentals: TBD SAN DIEGO, BRIGHT EVENT RENTALS // Tabletop: HOSTESS HAVEN // Lighting: BRILLIANT EVENT LIGHTING // Hotel: THE RANCHO BERNARDO INN // Ribbon: HEY! IT'S OH, SO PRETTY //

Homer, Iliad 3.171–172



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