I love working with my goddesses to ensure their wedding day is everything they've dreamed. As the artist of your day, I thoughtfully curate every detail of your wedding from beginning to end. My planning process includes the benefits of both personalized design and professional management. I believe every event is unique to the couple it celebrates, so I promise to always create the perfect package for each couple's needs. You can trust that I'll confidently handle your day and your vision will come to life beautifully.

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À la carte

All the little extras you want for the biggest day of your life. For those modern goddesses who are looking for a more personalized package, we'll work together to create the right service and plan for you. 

Starting at $1500 

True design begins with an idea. It creates the mood of your experience, and highlights the story you wish to tell. Like an artist paints a canvas, I style each event with your overall aesthetic in mind. I promise to take your vision and bring it to complete fruition with all the elegance you desire. Through our one-on-one consultations, we’ll determine what it is you’ve always dreamed of, and how to bring it to life. You decide on the details. I’ll handle the rest.

Starting at $7500

Wedding Design

I believe that flowers connect guests to the event itself. Florals are an art form, the best art acts as a paint, with a thousand options to choose from - watercolor and pastels, oils and acrylics. The medium of my artwork is flowers. Mother Nature reinforces my designs and brings your vision to life, connecting the overall ambiance of your day. My design aesthetic is very personal, and through the right botanicals and blooms, we can tell your love story. I’m here to help all those drawn to natural, refined, and effortless elegance (with just a hint of whimsy). My floral art packages are individually tailored for every modern goddess I work with.

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Starting at $3500*


Planning & Coordination

wedding planning 101

Congratulations! You’re engaged!
Now what?!
Feeling completely lost in your wedding planning journey and don't know where to start? Sometimes, even someone who doesn’t need a full-time planner can use help planning. Do you need someone who has seen it ALL and can help direct you with no additional obligation? Looking to possibly hire “day of” help, but need a touch more assistance right at this very moment, too? Whether you need a little help to get you going, or someone to tell you exactly what to do and when, we can cover it in a 60 minute phone conversation. Just pick a date and time that works for you, and together we can check off those items on your to-do list! 

Here are some common topics that can be addressed in one hour:

-Reviewing vendor and venue contracts to make sure you’re covered in any situation

-Honest answers to difficult etiquette questions. (Don’t want to ask your Grandmother? I understand.)

-Budget- what’s that? We all need one. Let me make this easy for you :)

-Pinterest overload: too many ideas on your inspiration board? Let me figure out exactly what you want and need at your wedding 

-No idea when and where things need to happen on the big day? Sounds like you need a timeline. I can design that for you. 

-Rain isn’t likely, but always a possibility. Need a plan B in rainy season? 

-Having a dreamy destination wedding, but not sure what is next? 

-Vendors. Testimonials are great, but so is a planner who can tell you what they ACTUALLY cost up front, and what’s not included.

There is no obligation to purchase another appointment, but if you do enjoy our time together and need even more help after our chat we can definitely set up a package for you! And, if you're considering hiring my team and I on for your actual event and not just the planning, there's a perk! Any consultation fees paid upfront will be subtracted from your overall package cost. 
So, what can we get accomplished together? Let me help you get it done!

$150 per hour

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At Sisti & Co, I believe every wedding should be elegant and elevated for each and every client I work with. I pride myself on designing your special day so well that you can sit back and relax and remain hands-off during the process! I’m very detail-oriented, accessible, and a little goofy! I believe in telling a story, not just making a pretty, Instagrammable moment. I always work to make your wedding truly breathtaking, but my focus is always centered on the story you’d like to tell. It’s my honor to learn who you are and showcase your style, your personality, and your love through every detail of your day. You can trust that on the day of your wedding, I’ll be there to create your modern, chic, and timeless day (and still get down and dirty if you need me to). I want to take your wedding a step above, and promise to make it as memorable as possible. Designing your day, from beginning to end, and perfectly curating every detail between. After you’ve selected your package, we’ll work together to curate your magical day and every intricate piece that goes in it. From first introductions, to your prevue of your floral composition, I promise to handle all of the details so you may enjoy every moment of your day.

How I Create Your Modern and Magical Day

the process



From our initial site visit and meeting we will begin to sketch out what your inspiration looks like on paper. We will connect the dots and begin to create an event that is authentically you.


After thorough research we will present out design proposal to achieve your specific vision, and assemble a team of vendors that will be able to deliver. Quotes, and ideas are during this phase.


Show time! We are monitoring all setup, installations, and managing vendors as needed. Enjoy living in the moment, it's all for you.

the Creative Timeline

The Evolution of Our Art


planning & development


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