Wedding loral

When looking for a wedding florist in San Diego, there are so many great designers to choose from. All of our styles are just as unique as each Bride that is looking for that incredible “something” that sets their heart a flutter. I personally see florals as my art form, no different than when a painter uses a specific type of paint- whether it be watercolor, pastels, oils or acrylics. Mother Nature reinforces my designs and brings your vision to life, connecting the overall ambiance of your day. My design aesthetic is very personal, and through the right botanicals and blooms, I can tell your love story. Some may say I'm more of an Old World, garden-style type of florist, but I would say that it all depends on the person I'm painting for-you, my Bride, my modern goddess. I take into account your season, venue, color palette, and the story we want to tell to all your guests. My approach is organic and full with plenty of texture, but at the same time, a different kind of Bride can draw me to making a bouquet that is simple, delicate and still just as stunning. I’m here to help all those drawn to natural, refined, and effortless elegance (with just a hint of whimsy). My floral art packages are individually tailored for every modern goddess I work with, so don’t be afraid to send me a note.
I’m here to bring your love story to life,
one flower at a time. 

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