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6 Tips for Choosing the Right San Diego Wedding Planner


Deciding to hire a San Diego wedding planner or event planner is an important step in the process of planning your dream wedding. A wedding planner can help coordinate all the details, provide access to exclusive vendors, manage your budget, and even save you money in the long run. When selecting a planner, it’s important […]

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Twin Oaks Wedding Venue: A Study in Neutral Colors


Looking for a romantic and beautiful venue to host your special day? Consider having a Twin Oaks wedding at this picturesque venue in North County, San Diego. Experience the enchantment of a peaceful outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery. This venue is all about being simple and classic with a touch of modern. It is […]

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Top Questions to Ask Your San Diego Wedding Florist


As an experienced San Diego wedding florist I’ve seen it all over the years. But one of the things that remains the same across the board is the questions I’m asked. I’ve compiled a list of the most popular questions I receive and what to ask when looking for your perfect San Diego wedding florist. […]


Planning A Wedding Timeline


(a wedding checklist with timeline) Planning a wedding timeline and following it is quite a feat for couples. Finding time to work out the basics can be challenging as the world ramps back up and our social calendars hit capacity. With this in mind, how do we start planning a wedding timeline and setting up […]

Small Wedding Venues in San Diego: a Taste of Italy


Searching for small wedding venues in San Diego can be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Wedding planning is by no means an easy task, and some couples agonize over the hunt for the “right” venue that accurately reflects them. There are so many places, so many other couples vying for the […]

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A Springtime Micro Wedding in San Diego


A San Diego vineyard offers a breathtaking venue for a micro wedding Micro weddings in San Diego are starting to grow in popularity, and this wedding is a perfect example of how beautiful and special they can really be for all the guests invited. The Bride’s Grandfather married the couple, right before the cloudy skies […]

La Jolla Wedding Venues: An Intimate Woman’s Club Wedding


La Jolla, California offers quite a few wedding venues, and Brooklyn and Cameron’s La Jolla Woman’s Club wedding unfolded on the most beautiful Spring day. Early June in the coastal city of La Jolla brings dew on the trees, dreamy beach sunsets, and comfortable sea breezes, it is truly picture perfect. Under a large oak […]



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If there is anything that we wish could come true, it would be that we could go back and relive that day again...with Kim at our side every time. By the end of our wedding Kim was more than our wedding planner, but a trusted friend who will always remain dear to us.

SHE is capable of any
and everything

warm wordS


To say Kim planned our wedding would be an understatement. She crafted an experience that was a true reflection of us, executed with artistry and grace. She didn't just make our dream wedding come true—she made it into a reality we could have never even dreamed of.


warm wordS