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Twin Oaks Wedding Venue: A Study in Neutral Colors

January 5, 2023

Looking for a romantic and beautiful venue to host your special day? Consider having a Twin Oaks wedding at this picturesque venue in North County, San Diego. Experience the enchantment of a peaceful outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery. This venue is all about being simple and classic with a touch of modern. It is a perfect backdrop for many color palettes and florists love this space because of the possibilities. I had the pleasure to design florals for the venue that highlighted the style and atmosphere of the newly updated San Diego wedding venue.

Ceremony setup at a Twin Oaks wedding in San Diego.

An elegant outdoor space in San Diego

Garden Vista Lawn

Twin Oaks wedding venue offers two different areas for ceremonies. One area can be used for smaller ceremonies and/or cocktail hour festivities, and the larger space can hold up to 200 guests for the ceremony. The Garden vista lawn is a stunner. Here we have 100 chairs on the lawn so potential clients can get an idea of the spacing, but even filled with only 50 chairs this area is still a beautiful spot to exchange your vows. Rolling hills, green lawns and a garden surround the lawn and make the space private for you and your guests.

SISTI & CO. setting up for a Twin Oaks wedding in the outside garden ceremony area.

Serene setting ideal for ceremonies and receptions

Fireside Patio

My personal favorite at the Twin Oaks wedding venue is the Fireside Patio. An ideal setting for smaller ceremonies, this area is breathtaking during sunsets. The focal point is the large brick and stone fireplace, a great place for a ceremony or even a casual lounge area. It’s easy to imagine enjoying the fire as you grab a drink and chat with family and friends. The patio is draped in market lighting with indoor access to the reception space, restrooms and bar; this space is comfortable and quaint. The tranquil surroundings and lush gardens create a serene, romantic atmosphere, while the venue’s amenities provide flexibility to suit any type of event, from intimate gatherings to larger affairs.

twin oaks wedding venue florals by SISTI & CO

Full event catering with locally sourced ingredients

Twin Oaks offers full event catering services for any type of wedding, using locally sourced ingredients. From creative hors-d’oeuvres to picture-perfect entrées, their team will work closely with you to ensure that your menu reflects the style and flavors you desire. With its unique styling and captivating ambiance, Twin Oaks offers an unforgettable wedding experience.

Garden Ballroom Reception

Twin Oaks also has a lovely indoor reception area that is perfect for lots of color palettes. The room borders the ceremony gardens on one side, and then a small outdoor patio. The space is light and airy with numerous French doors opening onto the gardens. Classic and open, this reception space doesn’t evoke any “how are we going to cover this up” questions that are so common in venue shopping. In fact, if you’re not sure how to select your venue and design team head over here. This article offers in-depth information on how to select the perfect florist. It’s also a helpful resource that breaks down what clients should actually be looking for in a florist and planner, and some thoughts to keep in mind while on the hunt.


A Florist’s Review of Twin Oaks Wedding Venue


First of all, this venue is so easy on your vendors, especially your florists. There’s lots of parking, with nearby unloading areas, and no stairs or elevators. Vendors can drive up to the venue and directly unload for reception, ceremony and cocktails, this is a dream!

Site Overview

The Garden Vista Lawn is a huge rectangle bordered by deep green hedges and creamy rose bushes. It’s basically a blank canvas of green and white with views of rolling hills. This space can easily be designed as rustic, modern, garden or glam. Arches, ground designs, chuppahs, they all work here and here’s another plus- the lawn is flat. Can you imagine a sperry tent here? I can, and it would be glorious!

Adjacent to the large lawn is the fireside patio. Incredibly easy to access either from the lawn or reception area, this spot is smaller and covered in neutral-colored bricks and stone. The ground is cement too, which helps when transporting items in carts and wagons.

The reception space is also a rectangle, and has a bridal room at the far end. The light greyish walls are enclosed by crisp white borders. The floors are covered in a light-colored wood, a nice combination of grey and tan. Every window or door has a view of greenery too, no concrete jungle here. Lastly, the vaulted ceiling has painted wood beams and modest lighting. Neither a proper gold nor silver, the lighting’s hardware is untarnished and simple. From a designer’s point of view these fixtures are very easy to hide or accentuate depending on your vision.

An actual blank canvas

Florals at a Twin Oaks wedding by San Diego wedding florists SISTI & CO.

I chose to complement the reception area with a neutral color palette of quicksand, muted sepia, stone grey, and blonde. A combination of warm and cool neutrals is a romantic, dreamy choice for a color palette. On the other hand, a palette of crimson, terracotta, oatmeal and touches of gold would also be lovely. This space can easily be transformed depending on your whim, and is such a welcome sight for designers and planners alike. I’m really looking forward to returning to this venue in the future to play with colors.

San Diego has plenty of venues for every kind of couple, but Twin Oaks wedding venue is definitely worth a look for those clients that are looking for a relaxed atmosphere. Recently renovated, this event venue is classic and fresh. It’s a welcome addition to north county’s options for brides and grooms looking for something different. From a vendor’s perspective this venue is logistically perfect. If you haven’t viewed it yet, consider stopping by. With its unique styling and captivating ambiance, Twin Oaks offers an unforgettable wedding experience. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate garden ceremony or a grand celebration, the dedicated staff at Twin Oaks will help you bring your dream wedding to life.

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