San Diego wedding couple's portrait in front of sunset

A Romantic San Diego Elopement in the Rain

February 10, 2021

Most couples think of San Diego as a sunny destination to exchange wedding vows. But sometimes, Mother Nature likes to surprise us. Traveling from Texas during Covid-19, Frances and Matt married in a San Diego elopement amid the pouring autumn rains. Understated, romantic, and dreamy are the three words that describe this San Diego micro wedding best.

Engagement Photos

To start their wedding weekend off, the couple met with their photographer, Joni of Joni Bilderback Photography. Planning around the scattered showers, these three embarked on a little journey to the Oceanside pier. Ducking for cover when they had to, Joni could still get some beautiful shots with the pacific ocean as their backdrop. There’s nothing like California, am I right?

Sisti & Co San Diego elopement
Frances and Matt’s engagement photo shoot with Joni Bilderbeck Photography

San Diego Elopement Details

The first half of November in Southern California was in a less restrictive Covid-19 tier, so the couple and their guests enjoyed an indoor micro wedding ceremony and cocktail reception, regardless of the inclement weather. Even though elopements are generally shorter affairs, the day’s meaning is still just as paramount if it were a full-blown San Diego wedding. Matt and Frances contacted Sisti & Co. a month before their date to plan everything. Cordiano Winery was the perfect backdrop for an elopement, and Sisti & Co. was able to put together a simple but beautiful San Diego elopement package. If you’re looking for more wedding inspiration, check out this springtime wedding at Cordiano Winery.

Cordiano Winery’s indoor terrace served as the perfect backdrop for a dreamy wedding ceremony.

Fall Inspired Color Palette

Frances’s color palette started with a classic, creamy parchment that moved into blush and merlot. Together with antique blue, we added a hint of fall with a sun-dried terracotta. Luckily, the overcast and rainy weather really muted the ceremony area and made the atmosphere cozy and dreamy, yet still refined. Though most brides don’t look forward to a rainy wedding day, it really makes candlelight even more beautiful.

San Diego Wedding Florals

Cocktail tables adorned with pretty fall blooms helped give a cohesive look to this San Diego micro wedding.

San Diego Wedding Florist Elopement Flowers
This classic fall color palette is sure to give you all the fall feels. Reclaimed vintage accessories complete the look.

Finishing Touches

One of my favorite parts of planning this elopement was the surprises that Matt had in store for Frances. He really wanted Frances to walk down the aisle to a lovely string quartet, and it was perfect. At the end of the evening, a limo escorted them away- another surprise for the Bride and a memorable way to end the day.

  1. Lisa Farnesi says:

    Currently my daughters vision is a very small intimate wedding at a place like Cordiano Winery. Her dream was always to get married in Lucca at our families “compound”, but stuff happens and now we are looking for somewhere closer to home. Every place I find, we are referred back to you. So here goes, currently (this may change) we are looking for a late July, or early August wedding. It can be any day of the week. It does not have to be the weekend. Probably the max in attendance would be 30 (I’m hoping for 20). If you could give me some ballpark pricing so we have a starting point that would be helpful. Like I said, she’s looking for an Italian vibe.

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