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Weddings in San Diego on the Beach | La Valencia Hotel

August 2, 2021

Couples looking for a beautiful and romantic setting for their wedding should consider having a beach celebration in San Diego. With miles of stunning coastline, there are plenty of breathtaking locations to choose from. From intimate ceremonies on secluded beaches in Del Mar to larger ones on popular stretches of sand like Mission Beach, couples can create the perfect marriage experience surrounded by the beauty of the ocean. With thoughtful preparation and the right wedding professionals helping you along, a San Diego beach wedding can be an unforgettable experience.

The Bride and Groom

Megan and Nick featured an unforgettable beach wedding shared with a select group of their nearest and dearest in sunny San Diego. Everywhere around them was a representation of the care and attention that went into curating this special day, right down to the delicate details. Though weddings are often associated with extravagance, it was clear that Megan and Nick’s celebration was about more than just the venue- instead, it focused on what really mattered: love. Every gesture spoke to the boundless joy they felt for one another, creating an atmosphere truly fit for a romantic San Diego beach wedding.

The hunt for the perfect San Diego wedding venue wasn’t as hard as some might think. The couple preferred ocean views, and in light of all the concessions they previously made surrouning Covid-19, the venue location was not one of them. However, if the ocean isn’t essential, consider looking at this article that discusses more places that San Diego has to offer.

La Valencia Hotel La Jolla Wedding Venue
Carmen Santorelli Studio- La Valencia Hotel

Perfect Weddings in San Diego on the Beach Start with La Valencia

The Bride and Groom are both engineers so they found themselves hard-pressed to find time to plan their wedding. Knowing this, we decided to head towards coastal San Diego where there was a reputation for having stunning weddings on the beach. Upon arriving at the “jewel of San Diego”, it became quickly apparent as to why this site earned such praise – our breath was taken away as we set foot upon the shore. With its beautiful sunsets, Instagram-worthy backdrops, and perfect atmosphere, we knew that this was the ideal spot for their dream wedding!

La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla is a stunning example of Mediterranean-style architecture and décor that transports guests to a romantic European getaway. Its sun-kissed rosy walls paired with its classic aesthetic make it the perfect venue for weddings in San Diego on the beach, as the backdrop of undulating waves is unparalleled. For one couple who were eager to say their “I dos” during a difficult time, La Valencia offered up an escape from their everyday lives during Covid restrictions. Instead of hope for travel loosening in time, this couple took matters into their own hands and organized a stunning micro wedding at home. La Valencia set an inspiring tone for the affair, providing them with all the right notes to transform their backyard oasis into a paradise island where they could exchange vows together with just those closest to them.

La Jolla Beach wedding bride and groom
Carmen Santorelli Studio

Color Palette

There is something elegant and timeless about weddings in San Diego on the beach decorated with a demure pink color. Even though it is a traditionally feminine shade, blush can still be worn by both men and women, lending weddings an air of sophisticated refinement. This fashionable hue is historically associated with men until the 18th century. Shortly after this time, we find pink marketed to girls and blue for boys. Of course, this is certainly not the case anymore – today, blush pinks are an enduringly popular selection for both formal events and everyday life. It’s easy to understand why this soft shade has endured through centuries of fashion statement: its regal appeal adds an instant touch of grace to any occasion without being over-the-top or gaudy.

Not Your Typical San Diego Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have a certain carefree feel that appeals to couples around the world. The blush hotel walls offer a warm, inviting glow and provide a beautiful backdrop for weddings. To complement this, we selected mauve, taupe, and buttermilk tones; but it was unexpectedly the addition of the burnt orange tone that ties this palette together. This unexpected combination is something that speaks volumes, especially when paired with the artistic photography style of Carmen Santorelli. The result? An incredibly detailed and inventive partnership between space and color every couple will be sure to love!

“And the flowers! The florals were gorgeous. We got endless compliments on the beautiful flowers and colors. Between the bridesmaid dress, the venue color, and just the surrounding area – Kim blended everything together perfectly through the bouquets. We are so happy and grateful for all that Kim did for us. We truly could not have had a more perfect day..”

the Bride
San Diego beach wedding ceremony
Carmen Santorelli Studio

Let Your Personality Shine at Your San Diego Beach Wedding

A common place to have a wedding in San Diego is at the beach. While the beach is a romantic option it can feel a bit generic. As a wedding planner, it’s my job to ensure that every moment feels special and intimate, giving couples a chance to celebrate their genuine relationship in one of the most meaningful places possible – their wedding. For this particular couple getting married on the La Jolla beach in San Diego, I made sure to make the event unique by displaying a picture of the bride’s beloved cat Dutchess on the welcome table. The cat was older and had been with them for a considerable number of years before they were officially engaged. It was heartwarming to see how even animals contribute to making relationships more personalized!

Gratitude can go a Long Way

When planning weddings, couples often forget that gratitude goes a long way. As we finished all the plans for our special day, one of the most important concludes we made was to add a thank you note for each guest. It showed that we were grateful for them being present, especially amid all the world events happening at the time. While it’s common tradition to offer guests tangible favors as memories of their time at the wedding, sometimes a thank you note is just as meaningful, if not moreso than plastic pair of shades in sunny San Diego.

beach wedding reception flowers
Carmen Santorelli Studio


When it came down to seating arrangements, we knew that we had to do something special. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable amongst each other and also have a chance to mingle with those they didn’t know. Place cards at each seat seemed to be the perfect solution! Not only did it allow us to ensure that everybody was comfortable in their place at the table, but it also allowed for a priceless opportunity for new family members of both the bride and groom’s sides of the table to get to know each other.

From the Bride and Groom

Where do I even begin? I was not one to have a vision for my wedding and then when the pandemic hit, I had even less of an idea of how to downsize. Attempting to research how to do a micro-wedding led me to Kim. I was immediately drawn to her style and all of the posts she had specifically about small weddings.

Having Kim as our wedding planner and florist was the best decision we ever made. She took what few thoughts I had and turned them into something I could have never imagined. Not only did she create a flawless day for us, but she was great throughout the whole process. She was responsive and always provided suggestions or her opinion when I was feeling indecisive. Kim included us in the big decisions, but for the smaller details, Kim basically had free reign on designing and coordinating our wedding and I was never once concerned with how it would turn out.

San Diego’s Beaches are Calling

Megan and Nick’s small outdoor beach wedding definitely wasn’t what either of them had imagined when they started planning for their big day, but that didn’t stop it from being the perfect and most memorable day. Sometimes you don’t need to follow the traditionally given rules to get the picture-perfect moment. It just takes a little bit of creativity and willingness to be adventurous and step out of one’s comfort zone. San Diego has so many paradise wedding venues; you just need to know where to look. If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding experience on a beach with no shortage of ocean views, we can help! Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. Need help finding the perfect San Diego beach venue? Send us an inquiry and we can begin the process.

Michelle coupon deserter wedding cake
Wedding Cake from Michele Coulon Dessertier

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