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Planning a Wedding During Coronavirus

April 28, 2020

Planning a wedding during Coronavirus is challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Life is a rollercoaster at times, and so can be getting married. It’s met with all sorts of emotions, traditions, and situations that can make tying the knot one of the most stressful yet exciting times in a couple’s life. But what if you’re planning a wedding during the Coronavirus?

To say that Life has other plans for you in 2020, or the foreseeable future is putting it mildly. Enter coronavirus. There is no denying that this virus has touched all of us in one way or another. Uncertainty is the most stressful feeling, and no one is immune to the effects of this devastating virus. We are certainly on a different course than what we originally planned for ourselves when the ball dropped on December 31st. 

The New Normal

Regardless of where we hoped to see ourselves at this point in 2020, we’re here: “Hi, welcome to social distancing.” The CDC, WHO, and our government are currently outlining our “new normal.” This is vastly different than what we ever imagined for ourselves, so how do we make the best of this for our Brides and Grooms? 

Let’s be honest, it isn’t likely that states are going to allow the busy summer wedding season to start up as if this virus had never happened. If high school seniors aren’t able to walk for their graduation this May or June, neither is allowing weddings with 200 of your nearest and dearest to take place either. 

Moving Forward

As the world learns how to cope with the virus, the events industry must plan for the worst, but hope for the best. It is apparent that our best course of action is to have not just a single game plan, but multiple alternatives.“(When we consider the loosening of our stay-at-home orders, we will consider local conditions,”Gov. Newsom said.”

Intimate Gatherings

With this in mind, let’s move forward. Planning a wedding during Coronavirus will have to be a little different than what we’re used to. We should now anticipate the possibility that our guest lists for weddings will have to be reflective of where we are regionally and locally in our handling of the pandemic. We, as vendors, want nothing more than to help our Brides and Grooms celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives. It’s very possible that weddings can continue within a guest count limit of just 25 or 50. There has never been a better time to have plan A, B, and C ready to go for sending invites. Clear communication with everyone involved in your wedding, whether attending or providing a service is paramount.

If invitations are already in the mail, and the guest count needs to decrease because of a new state guideline, your guests will understand. The good news, is that you’re not alone. Everyone is experiencing the same dilemma. If it turns out that you’re unable to have everyone with you that you hoped there will be a time in the future to reunite. This article from BRIDES lays out how to (cautiously) prepare for your wedding ahead of time.

Remember that these restrictions are temporary. You will still walk down that aisle to your best friend regardless of how many guests are watching you in person, or virtually. If you can’t imagine hosting your wedding without everyone in attendance, then postponing the festivities might be your best option. It’s YOUR day and YOUR choice.

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An Upside to Planning a Wedding during Coronavirus

Another potential bright side to planning a wedding during Coronavirus? More intimate weddings can reallocate funds that were previously covering for more guests. Be creative. What if it’s possible to upgrade your flowers a bit? How about hiring that videographer to capture your vows and then show to guests who were unable to come? What about adding on that welcome cocktail for 40 guests instead of 120? No one ever said weddings were inexpensive. Keep in mind that the smaller the event, the lower the overall total cost. At the end of the day, maybe it’s possible to afford other expenses that were originally out of the budget. There just might be extra funds remaining to celebrate with those far away when restrictions loosen. Maybe the extra capital can also allow a more elaborate honeymoon. Talk about making the best out of a not so lovely situation!

If there’s ever a time for us to remember that Life isn’t perfect and doesn’t always go according to plan, it would be now. As hard as it might sound, be happy in the moments that you do have. Yes, every one of your guests might not be able to join you, but you’re still marrying the love of your life! You are still saying “I do” surrounded by family and friends. You are still wearing a beautiful dress, holding a bouquet, and stuffing cake into your partner’s face (whoops, typo). This can be enough, this is enough. Maybe Mother Teresa was right, maybe “each moment is all we need, not more.”

Above, all, stay safe and healthy, and your happiness is sure to follow!

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