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Get Married Now or after Covid-19? Part I

October 13, 2020

Coronavirus, micro weddings, and what happens after the vaccine

If anyone were to ask us back in March if we thought Covid-19 would be in our rear window by now, I’m sure that most of us would’ve answered a resounding yes. But alas, it’s fall. There is currently no vaccine, though many of drugs are in the running. Life is still going on in this strange disassociated state of mask wearing, micro weddings and cumbersome new social norms. But for many of us, San Diego included, abbreviated wedding celebrations are slowly returning to life. The ever constant question on all engaged couples’ minds is the same though. Do you get married now or after Covid-19?

But there is a new clientele in the wedding market that wasn’t previously in March. Welcome to all those newly engaged during Coronavirus! These lovely couples are in a slightly different position than the others they join. The original couples are the ones that are already postponing their celebrations, whether it be their first or second. For some, it’s more like a Hail Mary third try when trying to plan.

Regardless, all of these brides and grooms have the advantage of seeing what has happened to others before them. They now have a choice to make. Get married now with a micro wedding, or wait until after Covid-19? This is a very popular question that I am getting asked almost daily, so I thought it best to lay out some pros and cons for all the intrepid couples out there. And if you’re new to the term, micro wedding, check out this article from Brides, that will get you up to speed.

get married now or after covid-19

Disclaimer: One Size Does Not Fit All

I just want to put a small disclaimer in here ( I think my sister’s law degree is rubbing off on me!). As we look at some of the pros and cons of waiting or forging ahead, keep in mind that everyone’s situation is a little different. Your location, age, and family situation can present different factors that may or may not be mentioned below. Stay tuned this week as I break down all the pros and cons. And until then, take a peek at my article on how to plan a wedding during the pandemic.

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